February 1, 2017
by Alexandra Ares

After a crazy week when hearts battled minds, and compassion for certain immigrants cried louder than responsibility toward all citizens; after a crazy week when the mainstream media has been frothing over the temporary travel ban from the seven terrorism prone Muslim countries, (where, by the way, the US had made a lot of 'friends' during the Obama and Bush administrations by bombing millions of Muslims, some of whom might want to repay the 'favor'); after a crazy week when Senator Schumer of New York cried over the 109 travelers from those countries inconvenienced at the airports the previous day, yes, the same Senator Chuck Schumer who had presided over the Wall Street Crash in 2009 (along with Hillary Rodham Clinton) and never shed a tear although he bankrupt millions of Americans, the same Senator of New York who sheds no tears at the obscene rise in the cost of living of the city he supposedly represents, I was ready to give up on the news media. I was appalled by the hysteria jumping out of all its pores. I was unwilling to write one more column about doom and gloom and further pollute the world’s psyche.  

Then yesterday, while perusing  Zerohedge, I came across a lone buried story that gave me a glimmer of hope; a lone story that could give hope to every American - Republican, Democrat, or, like me, Independent:

So Trump keeps one of his earliest and trickiest campaign promises. It's a nice surprise. Especially since it was made long before Bannon, Priebus, and Conway came on board. Especially since it was scratched from the Trump’s website a few months after he’d declared his candidacy. Especially since I worried that either his pal, Governor Christie of New Jersey, or some special interests in the Republican Party had convinced Trump to drop this thorny issue. Especially since I wrote a column about this worried that Trump might do like Obama and forget many of his promises once elected! I was happy to be wrong.

Don’t worry: mainstream media buried this piece of good news, afraid that it might disrupt their narrative about Trump’s badness.

If you ever wonder about US media’s manipulation, a simple analysis of how this story was placed and headlined yesterday will show you how it is done:

Bloomberg headlined the meeting between Trump and the CEO of drug companies, highlighting the FEARS of the (legal) drug makers, to stay consistent with the narrative that everything about the new president Trump is fear inducing.

Trump Meets with Drug Makers as Industry Fears Price Controls

Today Bloomberg changed the headline and its emphasis, giving due notice to Trump's calling drug prices astronomical. But how many people read yesterday's news?

The New York Times buried this piece of news that might improve the lives of ALL 330+ million Americans in the Health Section, offering the entire real estate of its first page to concerns for the 109 visitors of from the temporarily banned terror prone countries, and the dismissal of the Obama’s Attorney General who was supposed to be out by now anyway.

Trump Vows To Ease Rules For Drug Makers But Prices Remain A Focus. 

Here the emphasis of the headline is on Trump’s effort to help the rich drug makers, he is their friend, while his clear demand to bring down the price is phrased vaguely.

The New York Times has learned better since Trump slammed Boeing for lowering prices, a story that they’d put on the first page and helped Trump score points with the voters.

Should I go on?

Surprisingly, Huffington Post served the news straight up, without trying to pick a headline or a placement that would diminish it.

Trump Meets Drug Makers, Demands Lower Prices

I asked media expert Anthony Damato to comment on media bias and bury. “When forced to choose between a narrative  framing enforcement of existing laws, national security and a take charge Administration or your example, reigning in big Pharma, run with a cynically, intellectually dishonest appraisal of the former, and bury the later. Front page center of course is reserved to emphasize the plight of the relative handful detained as an affront to common human decency and a crying Lady Liberty.” 

If Donald Trump manages only this one thing - to remove the ban on Government to negotiate prices for Medicare and Medicaid, to lower drug prices and all other prices in healthcare and break up the various cartels (AMA, Insurance, Hospitals & Drugs) by opening them up to real competition - and then spends the rest of his Presidency playing golf, he will still go down history books as the greatest American President since Kennedy.     

Oh, the heresy!

For this to happen he needs the help of his own party, which is now forced to come up fast with a better replacement for the Affordable Healthcare Act after years of criticizing it. Are they going to be able to pull it off?

By now, Trump’s Art of the Deal is clear: he goes to the heart of the matter and fixes it unconcerned that he will ruffle some feathers, while giving the party at the “losing end” something they need, like less tax and regulation, to heal the sting. A win-win.

by Alexandra Ares