Front Page      Donald Trump, the Underdog of the 2016 US Elections, Triumphs Over Incredible Odds | Stunning Victory of Deplorables over Respectables
November 9, 2016 
by Alexandra Ares

Donald Trump, the Underdog of the 2016 US Elections, Triumphs Over Incredible Odds  | Stunning Victory of Deplorables over Respectables 

After a two-year brutal presidential campaign that  felt like an exhausting civil war between the "Deplorables" and "the Respectables," or the Dispossessed and the Elites, Donald Trump was elected President by most of the states in a stunning upset for the entire world who was banking on Hillary's win. Like him or hate him, Donald Trump's achievement is an underdog story of epic proportions, beating insurmountable odds like a gladiator who kills a non-stop barrage of beasts unleashed in the arena to kill him:    

  • 19 Republicans Presidential Candidates
  • The Bush dynasty 
  • The powerful Clinton dynasty
  • The current Political Establishment: President Obama and  First Lady Michelle Obama who campaigned vigorously for Clinton and against Trump  
  • The Financial Establishment: From Wall Street to Billionaires like Rockefeller, Soros,  Gates, Murdoch, Bloomberg, and Buffet who funded a savage national and international opposition.
  • The Business Establishment: Corporations and multinationals
  • The Silicon Valley establishment, including Google and FaceBook.
  • The New York Times and Washington Post which published a barrage of daily negative op-eds and news items against Trump and enforced a strict censorship of all voices supporting him,  from op-eds and most readers comments.
  • The Literary Establishment, who wrote an open letter against him signed by 400 of the most respected writers and editors, including people in the Pulitzer's Board and Jury. 
  • Much of the international political establishment 
  • The Hollywood establishment,  from the influential Lady Gaga to the Executive Producer of his own show, the Apprentice, Mark Burnett, 
  • The most popular now late night talk-show hosts: Stephen Colbert, James Oliver, Bill Mahar, Seth Mayers, Trevor Noah etc.  
  • Saturday Night Live comedians.
  • CNN, MSNBC, and part of Fox News,
  • The Democrats who outspent him 2-1, and out-staffed him 10 to 1.
  • A haircut everyone ridiculed,
  • Attacks against his family,
  • His business track record, from bankruptcies, to huge tax deductions, and the Trump University lawsuits.
  • A leaked-tape where he bragged about his sexual contests while also engaged with his third wife, the beautiful and much younger Melania, which had been played non stop by all the networks, and would have sunk any other candidate. 
  • A gaggle of women who claimed sexual harassment. 
  • Daily 'expert polls' that assure everyone of his loss.
Last year, early in the campaign, I noted in Manhattan Chronicles that the only people who had a real shot of winning the elections were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the only contenders who were truly authentic and addressed with courage the real, huge problems of the United States. Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist and a class act, achieved the impossible task of gaining the respect of everyone, including that of his political enemies (like Fox News, Republicans and even Donald Trump), but lost the primaries because the DNC colluded with the media and the political establishment to sideline him, as it was long suspected and finally reveled by WikiLeaks. It would have been very interesting to witness the debates between Trump and Sanders, because both men would have talked strictly business, instead of a national hysteria of Wikileaks Vs Gropes and other nasty shouts.     
The win of Trump, beyond his larger than life personal merit and stamina to carry such an endeavor, is also a repudiation of Obama's, Bush's and Clinton legacies, each of which had been touted in their hey day as pro-growth and pro-people, but instead marginalized both the needs and the voices of the silent majority, while enriching Wall Street, Big Business, and the globalists. It is also a repudiation of a political correctness gone too far for too long, a repudiation of the divisive identity politics conduced by the Democratic party, which went well-beyond equal rights for everyone to become openly hostile and insensitive to straight white, Judeo-Christian's people and values. Finally a repudiation of a politics of placing the rights of illegal immigrants and refugees beyond the security and economic interests of all Americans, and a repudiation of America's neglect of its own middle class and infrastructure to afford perpetual wars abroad.