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August 19, 2016
by Alexandra Ares

Everybody has noticed that this is the strangest US general election on record, where everything has changed, reversed roles, and defied expectations.

Once upon a time, the viciousness and corruption of today’s US general elections was something I would have expected in my native Romania. Today, US’s standards of fairness and freedom of speech have visibly regressed, while the ones in my old country seem strangely healthier.

Anyone who might want to make sense of the 2016 US election– despite what the media has been reporting; despite their own personal liberal or conservative leanings, and despite their own knee-jerk like or dislike of each candidate–must start by reading the book “The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins; continue by listening to Bernie Sanders Urging Congress to Say No to TPP. And finish by watching the documentary “Requiem for the American Dream” with Noam Chomksy.

What we are seeing now in the entire world, and in the US election and in the US corporate media in particular, is a proxy struggle between Globalism vs. Nation States, or in Perkins’s terms between  the “Global Empire” and The Republic. To sell it to the masses, the proponents of the “Global Empire” push for so called progressive goals: the first Black President, the first Woman President, and shroud their agenda under the veil of a fight against racism, discrimination, bigotry, and other pristine democratic values. In it, the war against terrorism, the exaggerated threat of China and Russia are a mere distraction to keep us too busy to notice how countries and people are being robbed.

As recent as May 2, 2016, the Hill reported that President Obama  - the former candidate of change, whom millions had voted for excited by the idea of breaking race barriers - urged Congress to pass TPP as soon as possible. Any surprise why he endorsed Hillary Clinton not Sanders, the senator who had opposed TPP most strongly?  Any surprise Obama turned a blind eye to Former Secretary Clinton's private sever, multiple public lies, blatant protocol violations and conflicts of interest while in office?       

It seems as though the special interests pushing for TPP have asked President Obama and many Congressmen for their pound of flesh in return for all their campaign contributions past and present, including the 1 billion dollars to be spent in 2016 to put another Democrat in power, (Hillary) and all the other staggering amounts of money needed for various Congressmen's re-election races. 

The Global Empire is made of multinationals, of Big Business, and of 62 most wealthy individuals in the world who, according to Oxfam's 2016 report, own as much as the bottom 50% of the planet. Their interest is to weaken the nation states everywhere, including in the US, and push an agenda friendly to their own interests, though knowingly disastrous for normal folks and their governments. These key players are also the biggest advertisers, which explains why all the mainstream media, including the New York Times has been staunchly, and more and more visibly, pushing their agenda, and failed to properly report the news that might have unmasked it (most recent example, the Soros hack). This is why, sadly, we no can longer rely on mainstream media to do their job and tell truth about issues of vital importance. They are now the propaganda arm of the “Global Empire.” More and more people rely on alternative media to report the truth and comment it adequately, and on Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks. Internationally, there is a lag time in perception and news agencies around the globe still treat US corporate media as if it were gospel. Well fellow international journalists, not anymore! Select and double check your information more carefully!

We have first seen this last year, when the corporate media, spearheaded by the New York Times, championed the entire year the massive migration of Muslim refugees into Europe, a move desired by the “Global Empire” and partly engineered by the Soros Foundation’s Open Border policies and agenda, not only oblivious but actually betting on the disastrous long-term impact this will have on the EU and each of the nation states that comprise it, while touting and exaggerating imaginary potential benefits. A weekend EU, and weakened nation states within the EU, would only help the agenda of the “Global Empire”. We have seen this in the vicious media attack on Donald Trump the second he suggested building a wall and enforcing the borders, hence stopping the free movement of cheap illegal labor into the US.  These multinationals and Big Businesses are also the campaign donors for the expensive seats in the US Congress and for the US Presidential Election, the ultimate seat of the “Global Empire.”

Enter TPP.  The next step of the “Global Empire” is the ultra-secret Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, which will give more rights to the members of the Global Empire and allow them to sue host states for potential loss of future profits. It will also result in more job losses, more benefits loses, and more price increases for drugs and healthcare applied to the citizens of all the countries where it will function. And we all know that whatever starts in the US, will soon spread all over the world. Economist Richard Wolff told lee Camp on Redacted Tonight that "TPP is just another milestone along the way of re-organizing the world to maximize the profits of the big corporations who pull the strings, to make them yet more wealthy than they've been before, get out of the way the various governments and local groups that sometimes produce an obstacle or two...My guess is, as it happened with NAFTA, when Bill Clinton put it into law... that after a little of hemming and hawing there will be some clever excuse why this, too, must be done."  

Two candidates stand against TPP and the Global Empire in this election:  Bernie Sanders, in the purest and most principled form, and Donald Trump, in a calculated balancing act with the GOP, using his grass roots popularity as leverage against the Republican Establishment who wants exactly the same things as the Democratic Establishment, since they have the same strings attached. Of course, there is also Jill Stein, although it may be too late for her to build enough traction until November.    

The TPP’s candidates are Hillary Clinton and her VP, Tim Kaine, who by no accident shares her support for it. Regardless of what Hillary Clinton might say against TPP to win the election, and thus the ultimate power to push TPP through, both she and her husband and as well as their foundation have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the companies of this "Global Empire" and from individuals who champion its interests. This is also why the entire media has been supporting her and pushing her candidacy, while sidelining principled, old-fashioned, disciplined Sanders and demonizing, the aggressive, untamed, street-fighter Trump. This is why so many of the GOP neocons and establishment Republicans have flocked to support Hillary. We have entered a post party era, where there’s an “us” (normal folk) versus “them” (Global Empire) choice.     

This is I believe the major stake that underlies the 2016 US elections. The rest is the noise of the organized propaganda selling it.     

 Alexandra Ares is a Romanian-born journalist and novelist, editor of Manhattan Chronicles